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Summer Rentals

It's Time to start thinking about your Summer Plans for next year!
Looking for a great house for the summer of 2015?
Call us at (631)-597-7575 or email us at

2015 rentals will appear on the site once the info for each property becomes available.

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Let Pines Harbor Realty find you the perfect house. We are already showing rental properties for next year. Whether it is a big house, small house, oceanfront, bay front, grand or modest - we have the hottest listings!!!!

Call for more listings!!

We also have a great selection of monthly and weekly listings!
"If you're looking for a share we can turn you on to some great houses.

Pines Harbor Realty is ready to help you get the house of your dreams. Whether you're looking for a house that's bigger, smaller, on the ocean or the bay, for the season, month, week, or even a share in a house, Pines Harbor Realty has what you are looking for.

If you are not sure what kind of house you want, call our professional sales staff to discuss the many possibilities available, we'll be happy to answer all of your questions, explain the different options, and find you the house that best suits your needs. Even if you're not ready to make any decisions, it's never to early to inquire about next summer rentals! Pines Harbor Realty is the number one real estate office on Fire Island, we have the most listings and the most exclusives.

Call today so we can make the summer of 2015 the best one yet!

(631) 597 - 7575

Call today or stop by our new office at 36 Fire Island Boulevard for an appointment.

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